Why Start A Blog?

I started this blog at the beginning of the year. Why start a blog? I bought a Bluehost plan impulsively wanting to help out a website I enjoyed reading. I also enjoy writing. I write regularly similar to exercising regularly. It is simply about the rhythm and routines that I enjoy developing.

Perhaps some of you started a website to make money. Good for your insight. This blog thing is fun but I for one will not make any money from it.

I had more than enough money when I first retired in 2004 with “only” 1.5 million. And do you want to know how I figured out we had enough? We did not spend any of our incomes in 2004 and then again in 2005. That’s when I stumbled on our enough. There was no spreadsheet and no SWR. I never heard about SWR until this year after reading some PF blogs.

I did not even realize my husband would go on to earn so much more after I had reached enough. He would barely work when he was a family doc. Talk about acres of diamonds. All I needed to do was make him train in a specialty he really enjoyed. Duh!!

I can definitively say, that no one could offer me enough money to stop being anonymous. I also eschew notoriety. Thus being “famous” on the internet would be the LAST thing that I could ever want in my life.

So why am I blogging? Because finances is interesting. I am also learning a lot from reading about other’s experiences. Thus I felt it could be useful to “open the book” about my own experiences. I, like many of you, am tired of being sold to all the time. I just want to read about other folks’ real financials, not another BS dogma mainly because they benefit from me buying into it. I stay away from websites that are too mainstream or too popular. After a while I see the business side of their blogs and I get turned off very quickly. When blogs get super big, I get an “ick” factor from it and start to feel marketed to. I can already go to Corporations for that thanks.

I think blogging is a healthy outlet for creativity. An added benefit has been the other bloggers and commenters that I have met. If I ever want to make more money, I would go back to Medicine and work more. If I was burnt out, I would decrease my expenses significantly and play hard defense. Many times, making more money is not the way to freedom. You simply trade one pair of handcuffs for another pair with a different lock.

I always try to make my decisions based on if I had unlimited wealth and could not fail. That is why I would continue to learn and invest in real estate, equities, commodities and fixed income. I would do those activities forever regardless of my wealth. I am only really interested in investing.

Building a business is too much work in my opinion. I only want capital to invest with. If physicians need money, just put your head down and work diligently for a decade. Stop doing silly things with your money and that is all it takes. In fact, I am often baffled as to why physicians go out of their way to make things so hard for themselves financially?

Now building a business is a viable option for those who are truly interested in it. But many people went into Medicine because they find it meaningful. That is also another common thread I am noticing. Many people who quit their work early did not really like what they do. There is a reason that my husband would never stop until he was good and ready. He truly finds what he does challenging and meaningful. No amount of money could deter him from it. I stopped in 2004 to spend more time with my kids. My youngest just graduated high school yesterday. I will likely go back and work more in Medicine.

Regularly ask yourself, would I do this if I had all the money in the world. And don’t edit your answer. That first blink moment is the correct one. And this is all just something I am writing after partying until late into the night after my daughter’s graduation. It’s just my opinion. There is no right and wrong here. I adjust my path when I see that I am off the mark. It’s called being human. I have had to eat my words more times than I can count. I suspect that this time will be no different.

Enjoy the weekend!

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