Ode To My Pants

This is an ode to my one pair of pants. It really is a certain way of thinking about things. I am a woman and I think this way. Guys I’ve upped the ante for you.

I have one pair of pants. You read that correctly. I have shorts for the summer but for most of the year I wear one pair of pants.

It is a pair of black Outlier Slim Dungarees. It was essentially built for cyclists which means it is durable. I have had these pants for about 5 years and they still look brand new. I have even gone weight training in them when I forget my gym shorts. I recently wore them to my daughter’s high school graduation topped with a flowy black maternity top. It was super comfy and no one could tell that I wear these bad boyz almost daily.

I have written about minimalist packing for travel. However I probably practice “one bag” living even while at home.

My wardrobe is quite minimal. I used to buy two sets of clothing. However, since many of my clothes are quick drying, I have been able to wash and wear my clothes on the same day. This is another reason to be anonymous since who really wants to be known for this. But since I am anonymous, I can more honestly share this.

It makes getting dressed very simple. I never have to think about what to wear. I usually wear a yoga tank top, my pants and a flannel shirt. Yes, I am a proud Canadian.

I am absolutely certain that ALL of my clothes would fit into a child’s regular size school backpack with room leftover. And I have lived this way for years now and I never run out of things to wear. I guess I also only keep what I like. I have kept an extra set of clothes but in all these years, I don’t believe that I have had to use them.

I do not have many clothes for special functions. Okay I have clothes for running. I also have winter boots and summer shorts. I wear a pair of fleece leggings inside the pants once it gets super cold. And I only have one pair of those as well.

For truly fancy occasions, I own one black dress and a pair of black patent flats. That’s it. I wear my diamond earrings and my diamond wedding ring. And that’s what I wear everyday as well as for fancy occasions.

And you know it isn’t about the pants. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE PANTS. So I try not to highlight the pair I bought. But those are seriously awesome pants though.

But the point is that my pair of pants is enough. I do not need another pair.

It is about a different way of thinking and living. It is about the ability to question everything and to make your own rules.

Who cares about your life more than you? Try small experiments with your sample of one (ie you). You don’t need to prove anything. It is not a randomized double blind study. And you can change your mind at any time. So no pressure and it may actually reveal things about yourself to yourself. Imagine that.

Allow yourself to think differently and maybe even live differently. It can all start with a pair of pants.

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