2019-04 Month Review

Blogging has become a wonderful hobby. It has helped to streamline my thinking about my finances. Anyone who discounts that has certainly not tried it.

I recognize that my opinions on investing are irrelevant as I am a novice in many respects. There is more than enough internet ink and real ink spilled about these topics.

How anyone wants to manage their money is their business. The benefit of the internet might be to allow some of us to show what we do.

Then take any useful nuggets for yourself. That’s the best any of us can do.


April has been a fantastic month as my daughter finished exams for her first year of university. Finishing the final exam is always a relief on multiple dimensions. Plus the weather is gorgeous so Spring exams are often hard to stay focused.

She will be taking a course during the summer so only a couple of weeks break for now.

My son is working at a local cafe. It is a few minutes walk from home. He has started to follow my advice of working close to where you live. That’s because commuting sucks big time. I concur.

I am readying for family and friend visits. These are a regular occurrence during the year.

First up is a visit by my niece and nephew. They are young adults and my nephew is about to graduate university.

I have been blogging consistently for over a year now. I have settled into a rhythm that makes sense to me. I will post numbers. Less woo woo. Dr. MB’s woo woo can tend to be rather frightening. I am NOT a politically correct person.

My opinions do not really matter. It is not like I “know” the correct way to do anything per se. This is just how I do it. Simple as that. Your mileage may vary.

Nutrition and Training

I started limiting junk food on Apr 19th. Aside from accidentally taking a sample of chocolate at Costco, I am avoiding this stuff.

I started eating prepared salads from Costco. We have actually been eating lots of vegetables. It costs more but whatever. It will always be cheaper than eating out. And way healthier.

I also settled on a shorter running route. I cut my running route in half. I am using my principle of making things simpler until I am able to fire consistently.

It is more important to build and enjoy the habit. I am too old for building non sustainable and unenjoyable habits into my life.

My home gym is in the basement. There is minimal issue with getting ‘er done. I have switched to a 5 x 3 workout, three times a week. This seems to be the sweet spot for me. For now.

When I tally up, I use three lifts- back squat, dumbbell bench press and deadlift. No other lifts count in the volume totals.

April 2019 Stats



YTD/ (Goal)

Average Weight (lb)








Weights Lifting Volume (lb)




Dining Out

Too many to count



Tracking fun stats keeps me entertained. That is likely why I do not get bored since I always have little experiments or projects to work on.

Financial Stuff

Ben Felix from PWL Capital lit up the internet with his take on dividend investing. I have no real opinion on this matter. I am simply too lazy to bother trying to pick a good dividend growth stock. Furthermore I do not think I can do this consistently so why bother?

And as I keep saying, if I want to be active, I would buy some cash flow positive real estate instead. Dr. Networth’s burgeoning RE investments are pretty neat. Very impressive indeed.

That is one of the best parts of getting older. If you can be honest with yourself and review your own investment results, it can be rather humbling. After a while, I simply had to be honest that my greatest strength is from NOT doing things. I rarely hit anything out of the park investment wise. And even when I did, I did not have the good sense to hold them. (Amazon anyone?)

Such is life folks.

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