2019-05 CCPC Portfolio & Purchase Update

Security Name



Total Shares

Couch Potato Portfolio (77/23)

iShares Core MSCI All Country World ex Canada Index ETF




iShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF




BMO Discount Bond Index ETF




Vanguard Canada Asset Allocation ETF

Vanguard Growth ETF Portfolio (80/20)




CCPC Portfolio- Total


Here we are at purchase time for another month. Is it me or are these months arriving faster and faster?

I realize that in time, my CCPC portfolio will be very simple. The table will consist of one ETF.

I am leaving my Couch Potato portfolio intact until a tax loss selling opportunity occurs. Then I will transition the entire portfolio to VGRO.

My current plan is to buy monthly and just buy more when the price goes down. I can only follow the simplest of strategies.

I bought VGRO close to its all time high price. I am unable to consistently time the best times to buy so I will need to follow a methodical process. Although I certainly do not like or want to buy when the price is so high, what are my other alternatives?

I am helping myself behaviorally with buying numerous tranches of this ETF. My purchase prices will blurr with time to my conscious mind. Whatever helps me get the funds invested, the better. When I set a specific purchase date on my calendar, it forces me to follow the schedule. I do not allow myself to reset the date.

I have done the research and spent some time thinking about the plan. All that is left is to move forward with the purchases. It is easier said than done. One needs to be slightly detached from the process to not begin to second guess yourself.

I tend to buy at the current ETF price. I do not try to wait and get it at a lower price during the day. Not only does this waste vast amounts of bandwidth worrying or caring about the price movements. But it does not help since the moves appear quite random.

I set the following rules for my purchase now:

  1. Avoid buying at the beginning or the end of the trading day. The large price moves scare me during these times.
  2. Make sure the ETF has only 1-2 cents spread between the bid and the ask.
  3. Set my limit order 1-2 cents above the ask price since I want my order to get filled.

Following these steps has allowed me to buy my ETFs more robotically. I can see why folks would want an advisor taking care of this for them. At times the large amounts I invest makes me pause. I keep thinking that maybe I can buy more shares when the price comes down.

But that is a dangerous way to think since then you start to believe that one can time this stuff. Or have any control whatsoever. Sadly, I know that I do not.

I only started thinking about investing in equities again in 2018. I can see that it truly is a bit of a crap shoot. That is why I just try to find the simplest approach and stick with it. I seriously see no utility in diving too deep into this stuff.

I truly believe you could know nothing and do nothing and likely have the same or better result than someone who learns about this stuff daily.

Where else in life would that be possible? Try that as a physician. Good luck with that.

But this also makes things easier since I discount all forecasts and opinions. I just do not care what anyone thinks will happen. It will be what it will be. I have zero control anyways over the market. And no one else seems to either.

This saves one serious time and energy. In this age of too much information, the ability to delete large swaths of noise makes life simply divine.

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