2019-05 Month Review

My niece and nephew came for a visit in early May. I spent about a thousand dollars on meals out, events tickets and buying them some Patagonia and Lululemon outfits.

This was a great occasion to practice my plan to spend money on experiences but mainly spend money on people I care about. I would rather divert my unconscious spending to this category instead.

I also took the Visa away from the kids since they were unconsciously spending too much. I settled on a 100/ month for extras and that’s it.

My son was more than happy to give it back. My daughter did this reluctantly but both could see the doubling and tripling of their spending when they used the Visa. Hmmm.

I think these companies know exactly what they are doing. Making spending unconscious is very powerful.


I have nailed down my running routine this month. The biggest breakthrough was shortening the run. I practically cut it in half to 2.5 miles. I run along a well lit residential street which is also a well used bike lane. Safe and super easy.

I also simplified by wearing my glasses for the runs. No more trying to stick contacts into my tired eyes anymore. And then giving up on my run because I got irritated with my bleeping contacts.

Financial Ease

I gave up on trying to groom my dog. I now gladly pay for my dog grooming. I was enjoying it for about a year but in the end it is a hassle. And I know how much I dislike hassles.

I am also buying way more mostly prepared foods. This is finally the combination that has made me want to eat at home more often. Eating the mostly prepared foods is simpler than eating out! Go figure.

This is a good reminder to me that sometimes paying more is just a smarter bet. One just has to be conscious that you are getting value for it.

I value convenience so I gladly pay for this.

Nutrition & Training Log



YTD/ (Goal)

Average Weight (lb)








Weights Lifting Volume (lb)




Dining Out

Too many to count



My strength training has been spot on. I think I missed all of two workouts during the entire month. The 3 times weekly routine has been the sweet spot.

This highlights my point of tracking. Trying to make myself adhere to a schedule has never worked. What I do instead is to set up a schedule with no intention that I must follow it. I see it as a “guideline”. Then I see what I actually do and that becomes my experiment of one.

I get a lot more information from observing what I actually do versus forcing myself to do stuff. That has never worked. I do not like being told what to do. Not even by myself.


University Acceptance for My Son

My son recently got accepted into our local university. This is very positive as his traveling to campus will be much simpler. He knows to find work he enjoys enough as he may be working at it for 3-4 decades.

He has no interest in retiring even when he has enough money. He knows he needs to get out of the house and meet people regularly. My son knows himself better than many adults that I have met.

Husband Actually Talking About Retiring

My husband finally realized that he wants to retire earlier. He gave me a one week notice to engineer the retirement.

Thankfully this is something that I am always rip cord ready for and thus it was hardly a stretch to show him the numbers. There is zero point of working endlessly. I have always told him to work if he wants to for clinical acumen and simply to master his surgical craft.

We both would prefer to keep practicing part time. We both enjoy what we do. I think we will just take a lot more time off. I think the stress of 100% retirement at such a young age would be too much.

Especially now that our kids are older and more independent. It is much easier to travel for weeks at a time. Our kids know how to take care of everything at home. Another side benefit of having the kids attend the local university. (Hee hee)

Stuff I Am Obsessing About Lately

  1. Nissan Envy Campervan
    1. This is such a cool van and small enough that even I would want to drive it.
  2. Knitting
    1. This is like meditation. It is sooo relaxing and I don’t even make anything with it. But man it is fun.
  3. Schitts Creek (TV series)
    1. Omg this is the bestest show. And so awesome that it is Canadian.
  4. NBA Finals
    1. I used to be a humongous basketball fan. I almost failed 2nd year med school watching Michael Jordan’s first three-peat (1991-1993). Okay I exaggerate but I watched way too much b-ball during that time.
    2. GO RAPTORS!!!

Dang it, May was a great month.

2 replies on “2019-05 Month Review”

  1. Hey Dr. MB!

    Congrats to your son for his university acceptance.

    That’s big news with your hubby thinking about retiring earlier. Think your blogging had anything to do with it? 🙂

    Go Raptors Go!


    1. Hey DN!

      Raptors are the first Canadian team in the NBA finals. Soooo cool!

      Yes, now both kids attend the local university. Thus quite efficient.

      And my husband does not know I have a blog. Hee hee. Plus I don’t plan on letting him know.

      But blogging has helped me with maintaining better financial habits. I track and review things more.

      I used to just track and then forget about it. 🙂

      I think we will adopt your plan and have him work part time. At least until my kids graduate from university.

      You never know what tuition surprises await….

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