2019-06 CCPC Portfolio & Purchase Update

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Total Shares

Couch Potato Portfolio (77/23)

iShares Core MSCI All Country World ex Canada Index ETF




iShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF




BMO Discount Bond Index ETF




Vanguard Canada Asset Allocation ETF (80/20)

Vanguard Growth ETF Portfolio




CCPC Portfolio- Total


I usually write this post during the first week of the month. However I was away camping in Yellowstone National Park. We drove by a couple of bison walking by the roadside. They were very close.

We ended up seeing most of the sites. I simply love visiting National parks. Yosemite is still my absolute favourite but Yellowstone was great.

My husband and I went. Okay here’s the deal. Dang it, I missed the kids and the dog. So we went home earlier than expected. We must start planning more family trips again.

Our kids at 18 and 20 years old still like to travel with us. I am glad.

We could have checked into a hotel but I enjoy camping. I would rather get the small campervan before I do the hotel thing at National Parks.

I will go to hotels when I have no other options. When I travel overseas, I have to use hotels. But waking up outdoors while camping is really wonderful.

I should have started this ETF investing thingy much earlier. It is so bloody simple it is not even funny. It is a joy to add to the investment pot. I find that I enjoy that more than sitting around waiting for a deal to come along with real estate. Maybe I am just getting lazier since I have become postmenopausal.

I try to talk to my girlfriends about investing and money management. Some of them believe it is complicated. I want to tell them that it is as simple as a click of a mouse but many times their eyes start to glaze over.

That is the thing isn’t it? Too many folks try to make this stuff complicated. It isn’t. It is very similar to fitness. Many of us know what to do. But instead of doing the simple stuff, they would rather get lost in the weeds instead. It is likely a form of procrastination.

We have decided to build a portfolio with an asset allocation of 50/ 50. It is good enough for us as we are closer to retirement. I have only had high market valuations since I started investing our money into the market. It will be interesting to see if I alter the asset allocation when the market drops. Only time will tell I suppose.

I added more VGRO as this will be the main ETF in our portfolio. I will sell the Couch potato portfolio ETFs when I get the chance for tax loss selling. I will be keeping some cash around as I want the portfolio to have a 50/50 AA. Laddered GICs or a bond ETF will be fine for that.

Buying an all-in-one ETF like VGRO would allow us to take off and not care about what happens to our portfolio. We will know when really big moves occur since I am sure people will be talking about it. Otherwise we will let Vanguard do all the heavy lifting. That sounds grand to me.

I would rather plan more outdoor excursions with my family. I am investing this way to protect our investments from ME! (And my husband) Now that’s what I call having insight.

I tend to be a hybrid decision maker. I could have gone with VBAL which is 60/40 AA but then I do enjoy having some flexibility. And I would not buy VEQT which is 100% equities since I prefer that Vanguard performs the regular rebalancing. Thus we settled on VGRO which is 80/20.

There is one common thread I have noticed with investing. It never hurts to give oneself options. I have yet to see that being a drawback.

I doubt that there is any perfect investment approach. But there will be one that is a better fit for us and we have found it.

Interestingly enough, my son who is 20 years old has taken to these all-in-one funds like fish to water. He may be one of those odd folks who can stick with one method from the start. He has heard about some of our fork ups so perhaps that has helped.

We were likely the worst investors in terms of our portfolios. We have a crap ton in cash still. But we do not spend that much and thus it probably doesn’t matter how we invest it. Short of losing it, we will be able to continue living our modest lifestyle.

I would be grateful to be able to afford groceries at Costco. I don’t need or want any fancy restaurants. So called regular restaurants are expensive enough thanks.

That is the best part of personal finance. The fact that we all have different plans for our money.

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