2019-10 Passive Income












True passive income is what I am seeking. Like zero hour work week income. I am beginning to enjoy this new financial focus.

I dislike busyness for its own sake. The concept of doing nothing works well for my personality. With my recent trip, it highlighted the benefits of a passive portfolio. I use public wifi while traveling and had no interest in signing into my financial accounts.

The travel was a distraction. But I seriously have just as much fun closer to home. Honestly EVERYONE travels now. It is quite unpopular to state that one finds travel rather meh.

I realize that I am not seeking anything. Thus it is much harder for travel to deliver anything to me. I also have a great lifestyle already. We don’t even need the relaxation. I am already quite relaxed normally.

I have enough.

I am not seeking more or different experiences.

What I value does not even require money. Such as limiting waste and limiting further global warming by flying. Good grief my lifestyle is going to become even more affordable.

Travel hack? Like I really want another credit card? I have an aeroplan credit card and can barely use the silly points that accumulate. There is so much tail wagging the proverbial dog with all this stuff.

Maybe the better approach is to not want any of it. That has always been the simpler, easier and saner approach.

No one can entice you with free travel and applying for umpteen credit cards. If you don’t care about traveling so gawd awful much you won’t jump through all the hoops to attain more points.

I can no longer be tempted with luxury, status, popularity, power or influence.

I have none and I want none.

I enjoy a simple life with my family and friends. I enjoy simple hobbies like reading and walks. I have no idea what everyone is running around searching for. It does not appear as if anyone is finding it.

Once they reach one level, it is a slingshot onward to the next. It all appears rather tiring.

I also do not waste much energy naval gazing. I know what I like and it works for me. I do not bother justifying it. Simply because no one would care.

That’s why owning some passive ETFs work well. I do not need to do anything and it’s actually better if I don’t.

It’s probably like iatrogenesis in Medicine. I try to follow the oath of “do no harm”. I see many going out of their way to do harm to themselves via their finances.

A dear friend once asked me, “How do you avoid the urge of wanting things?”

She could not understand that someone could simply not want it. She thought I was expending effort and willpower to that end. She could not comprehend my aversion to most things. I have often recognized owning more and doing more just came with it’s own inherent hassles.

All it took for me was to pay attention since I was a child. My parents did not take care of everything for me. I was often left dealing with whatever I brought into my life.

One of the best things I can do for my children is to allow them to experience the consequences of making their own decisions. If you allow your children to deal with their own stuff it would be unlikely they keep adding to it. So no helicopter parenting from me thanks.

I do not have any goals for our passive income per se. I am more of a process oriented person versus goals based.

But passive income is great. My husband is still adjusting to the fact that “investing” could be this dead simple.

The more nuanced stages come when one starts to decummulate. That stage is more interesting to me.

I need assurances that the funds will be there when we need to use it. All the tips and tricks won’t matter if one does not accomplish that.

The point of personal finance is the ability to define your personal objectives. Then optimize one’s assets whether financial or human capital to achieve those ends.

One must properly insulate oneself against the whims of the financial markets.

That is my main objective now.

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