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November 2021 Financial Update

“Don’t tell me what you think, tell me what you have in your portfolio.”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life

My Investment Philosophy

  1. Diversify – investments and taxes.
  2. Do nothing – automate.
  3. Develop margin of safety – allow assets to compound.


  1. Equities – 44%
  2. Bonds – 16%
  3. Cash – 4%
  4. Real Estate – 35%
    1. Home – 23%
    2. Extra Unit – 6%
    3. Office Unit – 5%
  5. Other – 0.5%
  6. Networth Gain (Loss)
    1. YTD – 1,044,453
    2. 2020 – 923,032
    3. 2019 – 733,269


I treat all accounts as one portfolio.

  1. Portfolio
    1. VGRO – 80%
    2. Cash – 5.8%
    3. VAB – 5.7%
    4. Brk.B – 4.5%
    5. GIC – 3.9%
  2. Asset Allocation – 68.6%
  3. Portfolio Gain (Loss)
    1. YTD – 588,585
    2. 2020 – 495,984
    3. 2019 – 190,513

Mailbox Money

“Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.” Confucius (BC 551-BC 479) Chinese philosopher.

I have zero alpha.

I want “know nothing, do nothing” mailbox money.

  1. November 2021
    1. VAB – 839
    2. Total – 839
  2. Mailbox Money
    1. YTD – 102,556
    2. 2020 – 125,388
    3. 2019 – 107,264

November 2021

I am fully invested now. It is about time. I really can not time the market.

If it was only the loss of money from market timing, I would be okay with that. But it was a waste of mental bandwidth wondering when to deploy the remaining cash. That part really annoyed me.

I am planning to maintain VGRO and 5% cash. It will take a couple of years for the remainder of my GICs to mature in my RRSP. But once that is done, I will have full liquidity in all my investments.

I needed the time to learn this final lesson. One always thinks they can market time. Until reality proves them wrong.

Furthermore, my plan is about simplicity.

Some folks believe that 20% in bonds won’t really help during a crash. They are probably right. But one underestimates how much equity risk a 60/40 portfolio also holds.

That is the reason, one’s life outside of the portfolio has to be rock solid. That is why I will hold a large buffer of cash.

I recognized during the brief COVID market crash, that I really like my cash. It was the only capital around that was deployable and enjoyable.

I believe that investment strategies may alter from time to time. But humans stay the same. Human foibles are what will distance a good investor from a poor investor. And I count myself as a very average investor.

But through this, I know myself better and how I react to the unknown. Which is essentially all of investing. No one knows anything, with certainty.

The way I have dealt with this is to be clear about what I even want money for. Then I constructed the foundation around the volatility inherent with an equity portfolio.

I chose an automated way of investing. I may be confident that I will be disciplined but what if my husband or my children are not? Why build this up for decades and lose it all in one fell swoop?

So I think the best approach would be to automate things. Then just get out of the way.

These few years of blogging have been notable for me. My real life is fulfilling enough such that I have zero need to create an online tribe per se.

I am not searching. That is why I reached financial independence in my mid 30s and have never had any desire to shove this in front of others or to be recognized for it. It was simply enough for me to know that I had reached FI. Then I promptly went on to live my life.

It helped that I had a young family and the ability to work whenever I pleased. I never had to wrestle with identity. Being self employed, no one really knew where I was working month to month. That was awesome.

This blog has been about my evolution for how I manage my finances. Admittedly it has all become easier.

I have even given up on keeping track of interest payments. It dribbles in through various accounts. I would rather wait to receive the tax slips in February.

I am becoming tired/ bored with recording my monthly balances.

This is probably healthy. Because nowadays I barely even know if the markets go up or down. And I don’t seem to care.

It is what it is after all.

Addendum: I appear to have accidentally written over my October 2021 Update. Oopsie.