Happy Spending

I read the Bogleheads sometimes and they’re an interesting bunch. There are some people who have full government benefits, inflation adjusted pensions, their children are amazing and financially set and they can live on 0% safe withdrawal rate. And yet they still stress about money?

So how silly is that? If your money does not give you peace of mind, extra time and energy, then that money is useless to you.

I use money to buy myself time. It allowed me to work on my own terms since I was 36. It allowed me to spend more time with my children which has been the best value of all. It allowed me to care for patients without any concern about the compensation. If I don’t get paid, I see this as our charity.

Lately it has allowed me to use Instacart which has freed up more energy. I dislike shopping so using money to free me from things that I dislike is a great use for it.

Some of these folks even have a material object that they want but can’t pull the trigger on. This one I really don’t get. Just buy it already.

They are wasting bandwidth trying to avoid buying it. This is when you see that money just doesn’t help some people. It’s irrational and it’s fear. Nothing assuages that.

The government loves people like that since they get their big windfall when they pass. That thought alone should make one want to spend it.

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