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April 2022 Financial Update

“Don’t tell me what you think, tell me what you have in your portfolio.”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life

My Investment Philosophy

  • Diversify – investments and taxes.
  • Do nothing – automate.
  • Develop margin of safety – allow assets to compound.


I treat all accounts as one portfolio.

  • VGRO – 80%
  • Cash – 5%
  • Brk.B – 5%
  • VAB – 5%
  • GIC – 3%
  • Asset Allocation – 70%
  • Portfolio Gain (Loss)
    • YTD – (530,371)
    • 2021 – 728,410
    • 2020 – 495,984
    • 2019 – 190,513

Mailbox Money

“Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.” Confucius (BC 551-BC 479) Chinese philosopher.

I have zero alpha.

I want “know nothing, do nothing” mailbox money.

Mailbox Money

  • YTD – 21,285
  • 2021 – 136,578
  • 2020 – 130,610
  • 2019 – 110,068

April 2022 Update

I am not interested in closely tracking my mailbox money.

I will keep track of VGRO quarterly distributions . All the other interest payments, term deposits and bond payments I will leave until the end of the year. Or wait till the T5 arrives in February the following year.

I suppose this is a natural evolution for me. The whole point is to deal with less hassle.

I had been using Mint to track our expenses. And the only expense I was keeping track of was food and dining out. Nowadays I don’t even care about that one.

So I deleted my Mint account. I figure it does not matter what I spend on. Money is fungible. I have never been able to maintain any budget.

Maybe the best thing is to do the minimal possible. There is no point in tracking closer since I don’t plan to do anything with the information.

My updates will be my journey into doing absolutely nothing. At most I will use my time to simplify my systems even more.

I will buy VGRO monthly as long as I can buy 1000 shares. Otherwise I will wait till the following month.

There is a benefit of doing things quarterly. If nothing more than to check that you can access your financial accounts.

So what must I do?

  • January – buy TFSA
  • April – buy RRSP after the notice of assessment.
  • Monthly – buy VGRO if I can buy 1000 shares.

Like most mothers, I find yourself doing all the stuff that no one else in your family wants to do. The invisible stuff. Your husband and children are able to focus because you are the one who secretly multitasks for all their benefit.

Well now that I am clearly on the opposite side of 50 years old, this must change. Furthermore, my youngest will graduate from university next month. It is time.

I never tried to do more. I have zero attachment to being busy. The errands and duties just creep into one’s life. It takes energy to push back and keep these things out.

So maybe this plan of mine to ultimately hold one ETF, my home and some cash might work after all.

But the best part is that even if none of this works, I still get to live in my home which I adore. And I get to minimize financial complexity.

That alone is priceless.

I have already won.

That’s how it feels everyday when I don’t think about this stuff anymore.

The fact that I look forward to tax time and my monthly financial updates shows how much my life has changed.

Until next month…