The Market

Look, investing is simple.

If you let it.

I buy VGRO regularly. Then ignore it.

I check every month and if I have more than 5% cash, I buy more VGRO.

When my GICs mature, I buy more VGRO.

I am still waiting for my bonds to recover and then I will buy more VGRO.

I am seeing a pattern here.

And once it is all in VGRO, I will barely even think about it.

I do not need a complicated financial plan.

If my husband and I can’t stand the government taxing us more – just work less. No need for more complexity with accountants, lawyers or insurance folks thinking up more and usually expensive strategies to avoid taxation. I just don’t care any longer.

I am starting to see that simplifying and knowing exactly what I want is more important than education and endless information.

The majority of strategies I would never bother with.

Even with the markets dropping, I just follow my plan. Eventually I will be around 75% AA and that works for me.

Because the ultimate plan is to live off the dividends from this growth portfolio. I will be a dividend investor with a growth ETF. That. will. be. awesome.

And unbelievably simple.

No fancy footwork. Just work and save. No one has a better strategy. It all works until it doesn’t. There is no easier plan for me than the one I have right now.

If I am going to be soaked by the government, the markets, legislation/ regulation changes…

Who cares? As long as I haven’t had to do anything extra for it.

And don’t forget. Payments are not only with money. It’s also the worrying and wasted mental and emotional bandwidth fretting about stuff. Fagettabouit. I am too disinterested in all this to bother.

After a while, everyone has enough money. If you don’t, it’s likely a psychological issue and no amount of money will fix that. Just sayin’.

No one can sell me anything any longer. Because I am not buying. This has made my life much simpler.

I am too lazy for side hustles. I have zero desire to deal with tenants or property managers for real estate investments.

Nowadays I can sustain the interest to buy VGRO once a month. And if I can do that, I’m happy.

I don’t bother to read forums anymore. It’s just filled with collective angst. I’m kind of beyond that too.

That’s why I use the same ETF in all my accounts. Tax diversification as I often say. I don’t think I’m clever enough to figure out which exact account will be the best. Life is too unpredictable. And anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. I’m not that naive anymore.

I may not have the best strategy. But since I spend minimal time on this, I also don’t mind.

This is the benefit of never thinking that I’m smarter than anyone else. There are no guarantees with any of the stuff. The only guarantee I want is to do as little as possible for it. And this is probably the only arena in life where the less you do, the better you’ll probably be. And for a lazy person like me I am all over that approach.

Whenever I read articles nowadays that don’t fit what I’m looking for, my brain doesn’t read the words anymore. All I hear is blah blah blah blah. It’s almost cartoonish.

So yeah, the markets have been taking a pound down. If you follow a simple strategy, it won’t matter much.

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