Ode to VGRO

This is why I appreciate my lovely VGRO ETF. It just does its own dang thing and I literally have to do nothing.

In fact, I had recently gone camping with my husband. We barely had internet service and I don’t believe I missed much of anything. It was nice to unplug.

Even though my bond etf is taking a pounding, it is on a dividend reinvestment plan in our retirement account. It is buying more units at the reduced rate. That will give us more fire power when we plan to sell this later.

I also had another GIC strip mature this week. I do not plan on holding these any longer. I prefer to see less entities when I open my account statements. I love opening my statement and just seeing VGRO in there.

This type of investing works well for me. I like simplicity. I have no problem with complexity if it benefits me. However when it comes to investing, I have found keeping it brutally simple has been working.

But then again, I have had the benefit of making plenty of mistakes over the past 30 years of investing. I still wished these products were available in Canada when I started investing 30 years ago.

My portfolio is down over a million dollars right now. This was expected. Who believes in an upward trend the whole time.

And how do I feel? Nothing yet. Even though we are clearly in a bear market.

I do not have to re-balance with my asset allocation ETF. I simply buy more each month after we get paid. I have even started my son on the same routine.

I am seeing the benefits in real time of holding this self re-balancing ETF. I notice that I don’t much mind what happens.

But it is ticking off a lot of the boxes I care about. I went on vacation and didn’t/ couldn’t check my portfolio and it was fine.

My husband has stopped asking me what I am doing with our investments because he knows that VGRO re-balances itself. We are all alot calmer nowadays.

My children have almost the same investments so if something were to happen to me, they would know what to do. Newsflash, do nothing.

Is VGRO less tax efficient? Who cares? I pay more for Costco and Instacart for convenience. I do not care one wit for luxury but I will gladly pay for convenience and decreased hassle.

I don’t know why more women don’t invest this way. Finally after managing my household for decades, this ETF works without me doing anything! This is a wonder of the world.

Thankfully I like not doing stuff. I notice that I am in the minority as many others seem determined to debate one another on the most ridiculous minutiae. I barely understand the concepts that some of the financial forum members ruminate over. And I don’t care, yay!

You can be smart as a whip or know absolutely nothing. Either way, you buy the same ETF and both stand a chance to get a return. That is the truest form of democratization there ever is.

I keep pinching myself that my kids can hold the same investment. How awesome is this? This takes a huge amount of estate planning off my plate. I often worried that if I passed them a large real estate portfolio that they would be taken advantage of by a property manager. I don’t worry about that any longer with VGRO.

I listened to a podcast where an advisor stated that folks thought these asset allocation ETFs were too simple. They just thought it could not work if it was this simple. Folks seriously get in their own way.

VGRO has simplified this part of my life immensely. And I plan to enjoy this.

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