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August 2022 – TINA

Portfolio Aug 2022

I treat all accounts as one portfolio.

  • VGRO – 83%
  • VAB – 5%
  • Brk.b – 5%
  • GIC – 3%
  • Cash – 231K
  • Asset Allocation – 72%
  • Networth YTD – (531,376)

TINA – “There is no alternative”

I believe this to be true. 

What are one’s options?

  1. Equities 
  2. Real estate 
  3. Businesses 

Generally speaking, that’s about it. Ofcourse one could crawl down the rabbit hole for each category. But let’s not. 

I have no interest in making more money with effort. Like zero interest. 

That is one of the benefits of living simply. You can stop actively earning after awhile. Because once one has enough, what is the point?

I have been very clear that money should translate into comfort and convenience. Most things in life can not be solved with money. Best not to try to solve a non money problem with more money. It will not work. 

It always goes back to knowing oneself. For some people having more money allows them to do more. I call these the “freedom to” folks. Whether that is to start a new business or start their real estate empire. 

I am on the other spectrum where having money allows me to engage in my life of doing less. I am firmly in the “freedom from” camp. 

The biggest benefit of late has been my ability to stop shopping. I use online shopping services solely. It has been nothing short of amazing. 

I have never been one to go into debt to buy stuff. And I certainly would not go into debt for expensive vacations. I just don’t tend to swing that way.

So to revisit the other options for investing. We have done real estate over the years. But nowadays I prefer the dividends that come with me doing nothing.

And in terms of starting a business, you can forget about it. Running our own practice is enough for me thank you very much.

I revel in this “do nothing mailbox money”. 

There are no longer any problems to solve as one would get with real estate and businesses. Vanguard takes care of my ETF and all I have to do is NOTHING! 

Doing nothing is easy for me. 

Aug 2022 Financial Updates

  1. Use Visa spend totals to track personal spending. Zero need to sign on to any other financial aggregators account like Mint. 
  2. Plan to close our Tangerine bank account. Will have one credit union for all our banking. 
  3. No VGRO to buy this month since I will begin investing quarterly rather than monthly. Just keep 150K cash instead of 200K cash. That was a simple maneuver. I must stop hoarding cash.