2019-11 Month Review

What Do You Believe? Money is a mental construct. I have always known that money would have limited use for me. Money is odd. The less you need it, the more it grows. Weird. Honestly. If you can picture a life without much need for money, you will be set free. What Does Not Take […]

2019-11 Plan Review

Networth % Investable Assets 71% Personal Residence 27% Estate 1.5% Investable Assets – 71% of Networth Real Estate (unleveraged) – 19% Commercial unit – 37% Residential unit- 63% Paper Investments – 81% Equities – 20% Fixed Income – 80% Month Changes Equities dropped 24.5% to 20% during the month. My equities portfolio decreased significantly. This […]

2019-11 Portfolio Update – Sold Amgen

My Current Portfolio ETF/ Stock Shares Added Shares Total BRK.B 0 950 VAB 1,979 4,907 VGRO 2,251 15,577 XAW 0 13,531 XIC 0 6,050 ZDB 4000 18,937 Brk.B: Berkshire Hathaway Class B VAB: Vanguard Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF VGRO: Vanguard Growth ETF Portfolio XAW: iShares Core MSCI All Country World ex Canada Index ETF […]

2019-10 Passive Income

2019-10 YTD CCPC 12,206 73,535 Personal 1,681 19,281 Total 13,887 92,816 True passive income is what I am seeking. Like zero hour work week income. I am beginning to enjoy this new financial focus. I dislike busyness for its own sake. The concept of doing nothing works well for my personality. With my recent trip, […]

2019-10 Vacation

We are in Southeast Asia for a couple of weeks. I notice that I am unable to eat as much. Plus I detest shopping and that is what is all currently around me. I enjoy seeing some sights but what I notice is that it is all the same wherever one goes. I think I […]

2019-10 Month Review

My daughter and husband were both very ill with flu symptoms earlier this month. Their symptoms lasted a long time. And my daughter had to write midterms during her illness. Oh yay. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Maybe. We also had a friend who lives overseas visit us this month. His son wants […]

2019-10 Plan Review

Life is all about the plan. One can not guarantee outcomes but one can try to plan. Networth % Investable Assets 71.1 Personal Residence 27.4 Estate 1.5 Investable Assets – 71.1% Networth Real Estate – 18.5% Office unit – 37% Another unit- 63% Paper Investments – 80.8% Equities – 23% Bonds & GICs – 77% […]

2019- 09 Passive Income

2019-09 YTD CCPC 7,312 61,329 Personal 816 17,600 Total 8,128 78,929 Time to celebrate passive income once again. I am transitioning out of my GICs. That will take another four years. Yay. I am starting to get the hang of this dividend income. I see the allure of dividend growth investors who increase the yields […]

2019-10 Portfolio Update

My Current Portfolio ETF/ Stock Shares Added Shares Total AMGN 0 390 BRK.B 0 950 VAB DRIP 2,928 VGRO 1500 13,826 XAW 0 13,531 XIC 0 6,050 ZDB 0 14,937 Plan to sell when husband not working full time: Amgen Brk.B Plan to tax loss sell prn and switch to VGRO: XAW XIC Keep: VGRO […]

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