Deal With Your Money

Money is a topic that will need to be attended to for the rest of your life. For those who wish to keep their head in the sand- this would be terrible news. Furthermore, it is liken to schoolwork. Studying it makes one less stressed about it.
 Your financial statement is your adult report card. […]

How Little Do You Really Need?

The reason I prefer to have money is to afford options in my life. With time I have also come to respect the limits of money however. I used to believe that it was about attaining a certain “number”. When I started my financial journey, I would research how much would I need? Like many, […]

Reasons To Buy A Multiplex

For my family, this is one of the best options for buying real estate especially in expensive cities. I believe in buying “forever” properties so that I can minimize realtors fees and transaction costs. (A multiplex refers to small residential multi-units of 2-4 units) There are a few ways to attain financial independence. Paper route– […]

Minimalist Packing List

This is my curated minimalist packing list. I love packing lists since like a shopping list it keeps one in check. But the best part of a packing list is that it seems to get better after each trip. The goal is to strive for traveling light with one small bag. The Bag(s) Any backpack […]

Benefits of Routine

The benefits of routines are plentiful. It may appear boring to have routines but in the end I argue that it might just make your life more fulfilling. For starters you will not be wasting brain power worrying if you have left something undone. It is that mental bandwidth that is more draining than taking […]

Invest With A System

With investing it pays to simplify. It also pays to have a system. I forgot that in 2017 while I was waiting for the stock market to correct. I have read enough about investing to realize that there is value in buy, hold and pray especially for younger investors. However, the law of numbers reminds […]

Become Financially Independent aka FI

This is one of the core tenets that this site will focus on. This is achievable when one consistently follows certain guidelines. I will continue to write about certain principles that work for many people. A whole different life opens up when one can achieve FI. I truly feel that the quicker one can achieve […]

FI Maybe Not FIRE Just Yet

FI= Financial Independence FIRE= Financial Independence/ Retire Early I am a huge proponent of FI or Financial Independence. But not a fan of FIRE or Financial Independence Retire Early. I would not say that I am totally against it, but to highlight that there might be another way. The fact remains that many who are […]

5 Ways To Simplify My Life

I strive to simplify my life. Here are five ideas that I currently use. Eat The Same Meals Regularly People tend to forget how much time food takes in ones’ life. The planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and clean up. I used to watch my mother prepare meals for hours only to have them eaten in […]

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