2019- 09 My Dream Portfolio

I am focusing on my dream portfolio more and more. It is not about adding but about streamlining. I started this blog with way too many accounts. My finances were bleeping complicated. And I never intended for any of this to happen. Financial complexity are like weeds in your garden. If you do not guard […]

2019-09 Portfolio Update

The school year has begun. My children are attending university with their cousins. I still believe school is for socializing. That was always the most fun aspect of it all. I am happier that they can support one another during this life phase than what they major in. They will carry the memories of this […]

2019-08 Month Review

There is something awesome about technology nowadays. I am currently sitting in a Starbucks while waiting for my husband who is fishing. I can write this post on my iPhone. That is amazing. New Stuff I made a great purchase this month. I bought a new MacBook Air since my current laptop is over 9 […]

2019-07 Passive Income & Portfolio Review

2019-07 YTD CCPC 1,756 53,102(1) Personal 4,829 16,231 Total 8,158 69,333 Estimated Loss in SBD room = 15,060. I update these numbers monthly now. It makes one look at their finances differently. I have never looked at the cash flow from our paper investments in the past. I was used to reviewing cash flow for […]

2019-08 Portfolio Update

Buying time folks. I can not time the market. I keep trying and I keep failing. I understand the futility but I trudge along. My crux is my husband who continues to think that this can be gamed somehow. Thus rather than continue to explain that this is a silly exercise, I will continue to […]

2019-06 Passive Income

2019-06 YTD CCPC 6,256 51,346 Personal 1,902 11,492 Total 8,158 62,748 It is passive income time again. I am beginning to enjoy this time of the month. This is the first full year that I am tracking my passive income diligently. I am not completely sure where the final total will be. Regardless I am […]

2019-06 Month Review

Travel June was a great time for a road trip. Hubby & I were able to visit Yellowstone National Park. We saw bison up close while we were driving. The weather would change very quickly at the park. The first evening we enjoyed a lightning storm with heavy rain. On our second evening, it snowed. […]

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